Globally, only 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled.(2)

This means there are about 6.5 billion tonnes of discarded plastic, of which about 12% has been incinerated, releasing harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.​

There are currently over 150,000,000 tonnes of plastic in our oceans.

As a result of our tremendous dependence on plastic and of its low recycling rates, we are now drowning in an ocean of plastic waste. Scientists expect there will be more plastic than fish (by weight) in the ocean by 2050.(3)

This has to change.​

Marine litter harms ocean ecosystems, wildlife, and humans. The scientific proof of the damage is becoming really worrying.

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4 steps to plastic neutrality​

We help businesses combat their local and global impact through a simple and proven 4-step approach leading to a serious action plan and, eventually, to plastic neutrality.​

1. Calculate

Calculate the true impact of your organisation or product on plastic pollution. Verified by an independent auditor.​​

2. Reduce

Commit and set reduction plans to lower (virgin) plastic usage and impact.​


Take responsibility for the remaining irreducible plastic footprint by supporting additional clean up & recycling initiatives. ​

4. Communicate

Transparently communicate the progress, setbacks and achievements on the path to plastic neutrality.​

Discover the positive impacts behind our Plastic-Neutral® label.

By funding projects that collect, deliver, wash, and recycle plastic waste, organisations are growing the circular economy of plastic and preventing its release into the environment.

Taka taka Solutions

This project in Kenya aims to develop recycling for households, businesses and factory waste.

Namé Recycling

This young startup, based primarily in Cameroon, aims to provide a country-wide solution for plastic waste not only through collecting and recycling, but also by raising awareness.

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank works across multiple countries to provide faire employment for plastic waste collectors. In the Philippines, which is ranked by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as the third worst plastic polluter in the world, they have over 1500 active collectors.

Saahas Zero Waste

Saahas Zero Waste, in Bangalore India, is a non-profit organisation operating a waste management service that collects and processes waste from residential buildings and corporate campuses, where waste is often produced in bulk.

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